#2 MM3 Stock Read Instructions

This article will walk you through reading off your stock file with MM3 hardware.

  1. Turn your key to the Run position (key on, engine off)
  2. Touch the screen to turn the mm3 on
  3. Select ECM Tuning
  4. Select ECM 
  5. Select Get Stock File
  6. Follow the on screen prompts
  7. Turn ignition off and remove the SD card
  8. Insert SD card into your windows computer
  9. Using Windows File Explorer open the SD card
  10. Double click the Custom folder
  11. Double click Stock folder
  12. Copy stock.mm3 to your desktop
  13. Attach stock.mm3 to an email to stockfile@duramaxtuner.com
    1. Please include your order#, first and last name, VIN, and a list of modifications including tire size

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