2020-2021 Ford Powerstroke Switch Install

This article will explain the process of getting your Ford switch installed on your truck.

1. Start by popping the hood on your truck and unpackaging your switch.

2. Locate the hood release cable where it is fed through the firewall behind the brake pedal.  

3. Pull the hood release grommet out of the firewall on the inside of the cab.

4. Use a coat hanger or extra piece of wire to feed into the cab of the truck from the engine bay through the same hole the hood release cable is fed through.

5. Inside the cab, locate the coat hanger/wire and tape switch wire ends to the end of your hanger/wire.

6. Pull the hanger/wire into the engine bay with the switch wires connected.

7. Untape the switch wires from the hanger/wire.

8. Using the supplied connector, pin switch wires into the connector.  There are only 2 wires that need to be connected and they can go in either hole.

9. Once the switch has been pinned to the supplied connector, disconnect the factory harness            from the fuel temp/pressure sensor.

10. Plug the new switch connector in the truck harness and tape off the factory sensor connector to prevent corrosion.

11. Place conduit supplied with the switch over the wires to protect.

12. Put a small slit in the hood release cable grommet to run the wires through and then reinstall        the hood release cable grommet.

12. Find a spot inside the cab to mount your switch.*The Calibrated Power DIAL Bracket makes for a nice easy install, with no additional holes drilled in your dash.