6 Speed Conversion Kit Install Instructions

How to replace the valve body in your 5 speed Allison Transmission.

Tools Required
    -  J 44257 Wiring Harness Connector Remover
    -  J 44247 Internal Wiring Harness Installer
 1. Caution:
    Refer to Battery Disconnect Caution in Service Precautions.
    Disconnect the external wiring harness from the main transmission connector.
    Use the J 44257, if the connector is not easily accessible.
2. Remove the oil pan and suction filter.
3. Important - The transmission main connector is actually one end of the internal harness              that protrudes through the main housing.
    Place a 30 mm (1 3/16 inch) 12-point deep socket or box-end over the connector
4. Push inward on the socket or wrench to release the retainer feet that attach the connector to          the main housing.
5. Remove the wrench. Push inward on the electrical connector to separate it from the main                housing. This allows the internal wiring harness to remain with the control valve assembly as        it is removed.
6. Remove the 2 detent spring bolts. Remove the detent spring assembly.
7. Important - As the control valve assembly is removed, be careful not to lose the manual                selector valve pin or allow the manual selector valve to slide out of the control valve assembly.
     Remove 15 bolts holding the valve body in. Support the valve body assembly and remove the           last bolt.
8. Lower the control valve assembly to clear the dowel pins in the main housing.
9. Move the control valve assembly sideways to disengage the pin in the manual selector valve             from the slot in detent lever. Remove the control valve assembly.
1. Move the control valve assembly into position under the main housing. Engage the pin in the        manual selector valve into the slot in the detent lever.
2. Align control valve assembly with the dowel pins in the main housing. Seat the control valve          assembly against the main housing and hold it into position.
3. Install one bolt to hold the control valve assembly in place.
4. Reinstall the remaining bolts that fasten the control valve assembly to the main housing.                tighten to 108 inch pounds.
5. Push the main transmission connector outward through the hole in the main housing until the      retaining feet on the connector are nearing the locked position.
6. Use the J 44247 to complete the seating of the retaining feet that lock the connector into the           main housing.
7. Install the detent spring assembly onto the control valve assembly. Confirm that the roller of          the detent spring assembly rests on the detent lever.
8. Install 2 detent spring bolts and tighten to 108 inch pounds.
9. Install the oil pan and the suction filter.
10. Connect the external wiring harness to the main transmission connector.
11. Once the kit is installed we recommend changing the fluid and filters after 1000 miles of                  driving.