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DSP5 / CSP5 / LSP5 Switch Trouble Shooting With EFILive

This article will explain how to test your switch if you are not feeling a change in power levels.

There is a noticeable difference between tune 1 and tune 5. If you do not notice a difference it could be due to the pins not being seated all the way in the connector, pins are in the wrong hole, or the switch is faulty. Here are the troubleshooting steps. Troubleshooting videos can be found on our website at: www.duramaxtuner.com Items required are: DSP5 / CSP5 / LSP5 switch, SPADE or V2, and Ohms meter.

1. To verify that your DSP5 / CSP5 / LSP5 switch is working turn your key to the on/run position (truck can be running).

2. Plug your OBDII plug into your SPADE/V2 and connect to the OBDII port on your truck.

3. Select Scan Tool and hit OK.

4. Choose Select PIDs and hit OK.

5. Toggle down to your trucks model ( LB7-AL5 = 01-04.5 6.6L, LLY-AL5 = 04.5-05 6.6L, LBZ-AL6 = 06-07.5 6.6L, LMM-AL6 = 07.5-10 6.6L, E86A-A50 = 11-14 6.6L, E86B-A50 = 15-16 6.6L, CMB = 06-07 5.9L, CMC = 07.5-09 6.7L, CMD = 10-12 6.7L, CME = 13-18 6.7L) and hit OK.

6. Toggle down to Display Data and hit OK.

7. Toggle down through the PID’s to find the correct PID for your truck.

  • LB7 - DSP5_TUNE_M
  • LBZ / LMM - E35DSP5_M

8. Make sure the PID value switches when you move your rotary selector.

9. If the PID value does not switch, check your connections in the ECM connector or at the OBDII port.


The following steps do not apply to Cummins switches.


10. If the DSP5 / LSP5 switch is hooked up properly and you are still getting no switching, perform an ohms test on the switch. 

11. Hold or tape each end of your ohms tester to the pins located at the end of each of the DSP5 / LSP5 wires

12. Place your ohms meter to any of the resistance settings under the Ω section.

13. Turn your DSP5 / LSP5 switch through the five positions and you should see a change in resistance

14. If you do not, please contact us so we can resolve your issue.