Datalogging with Ezlynk for 2013 - 2020 6.7L Cummins

This article will provide step by step instructions for datalogging your 2013-2020 Cummins, what parameters to include and what to do with your log once completed.

  • Connect your AutoAgent to the vehicle and turn the key to the run position, engine off
  • Connect your phone or smart device to the AutoAgent's WiFI connection

  • From the dashboard screen, you can select each tile individually and assign it to a specific parameter. Your screen should look like this:

    Draining rail pressure? | Chevy and GMC Duramax Diesel Forum

Unless otherwise requested, your eight tiles should include:

Turbo Boost Pressure, Throttle Position, Main Injection Timing, Main Injection Quantity, Engine RPM, Fuel State, Engine Torque Mode and Fuel Rail Pressure(Actual)

  • When you are finished selecting your parameters, select "Done" in the top right corner

Once your tiles are set up, you're ready to head out and record your data log. 

  • Drive to a safe location to perform the logs
  • Just before it is safe to go full throttle you can start the log
  • If you have switchable tuning, please perform two logs, the first in tune 1, the second in tune 4
  • From the dashboard screen, select the lightning bolt icon in the top right
  • Select "Record datalog

Each log should be short and sweet, less than 2 minutes. Be sure you are 100% throttle from about 25-65 mph. Be sure to showcase the issue during the log. Please include notes in the logs so we can be sure which is which. 

Tip: if you see the square stop button in the lower left hand corner, you are recording

  • When you have completed your log, select the square stop button in the lower left hand corner
  • Select "Save" name the data log accordingly and provide any details of the log in the notes
  • Select the checkmark in the top right to finish saving the log
  • After saving your log, it should return to you to your tiles

When you are satisfied with your logs you can send them in electronically through Ezlynk.

  • Select the menu button in the top left corner
  • Select "Vehicle" and "Datalogs" you should see your recorded logs on the right hand side of you screen

  • Select the data log you would like to send in add any notes you feel necessary and select "Send to Technician"

  • Select Duramax Tuner Inc. then give our customer service team a call to inform us the logs have been sent in and we will make sure they get reviewed. 

Customer service can be reached at 815-568-7920