Updating BBX Settings

This article will walk you through updating BBX settings on your Spade.

      1. Download and install EFI Live V8 

      2. Save the provided CPS BBX document
      3. Connect your spade to your computer and open "EFI Live V8 Scan and Tune"

        1. Ensure there is a green check mark on one of the boxes in the lower right-hand corner of the window (the black device will be checked for Spades/Autocals, the white device will be checked for flashscans). If you do not see the checkmark, you can click the box to retry the connection

      4. Select "Check Firmware" and make sure the boot block and firmware is up to date on your device.  Once the boot block and firmware are updated you can then close out of the check firmware window.

      5. Select "F5 BBX" on the left-hand side of the window
      6. Next to the program button, select the black arrow and choose "Format Config File System"

      7. Select "Open" at the bottom and in the file explorer window that pops up, navigate to wherever you saved the BBX Settings Document. Select that file and choose "Open"

For older devices, you will want to go through the "BBL Enabled Controllers" box and select only the applicable controllers (https://www.efilive.com/vehicles can display your controller information by year/make/model).

You can select "F3: Tune" on the left and do the same.

Check the "Space Required for Configuration Files: xx%" if it shows over about 90% you will want to deselect more boxes.

    1. Once the proper controllers have been selected you can hit the red "Program” button at the bottom and wait for the progress bar to finish.