Cummins Switch Installation

This article will walk you through installing your switch on an 06-09 Cummins

CSP installation requires a general knowledge of tools, and is a beginner’s level installation. Installation videos can be viewed on our website under the Product Installation section. CSP In order to install your CSP switch you will need the following items: drill, 25/64 drill bit, ½ socket, and a screwdriver.


  • Find the spot that you want to mount your switch.
  • We suggest the small removable plastic piece located just above your parking break release handle.
  • If you need to remove your dashboard, do so by removing the small screw located at the lower lip of your dashboard.
  • Reach into the space between the base of your steering column and dashboard.
  • Confidently pull your dashboard until it releases from the truck.
  • Dry fit the switch to make sure you are drilling in a spot the switch will fit.
  • Drill your hole.
  • Remove the nut from the switch.
  • Be sure the washers don’t fall out. If they do, place the washer with the tab on the bottom with the tab located in between the 5 and 6 location.
  • Push the switch post into the drilled hole.
  • Place the tune indicator sticker around the switch post.
  • Install the nut back on the switch.
  • Place the switch knob on the post, make sure the knob lines up with your tune indicator sticker and use the Allen key to secure it.
  • Plug the switch OBD2 cable in place and run it to the switch's location.
  • Plug the switch into the OBD2 cable.
  • With the key in the run position turn the switch and look for a blue indicator light on the back of the switch.
  • The amount of flashes represents the tune you are on. Please verify this is correct.
  • If the light does not flash, please unplug the switch and repeat steps 12 through 14. If this does not resolve the issue click here for more troubleshooting or contact us.
  • Reinstall the plastic piece or dashboard.