#1 MM3 Monitor/Hardware Install Instructions

How to Install your MM3 Hardware

1. Begin installation procedure by laying out all the supplied components.

2. Mount your mm3 unit to the windshield using the provided suction cup and run the micro usb cable under the dash.

3. Install the three prong J1939 data link cable under the hood, The connector can be found on the firewall side of the bottom of the trucks air intake manifold on most trucks.

4. Carefully route that cable through the firewall using a grommet or through a factory one.

5. Plug all the cables into the communication module under the dash

6. Install the OBD2 cable to the trucks OBD2 port. (It is important that this is the final step in the installation.) 

7. Secure the communication module and the wires under the dash with zip ties then the installation is complete!


Once the installation is complete see the MM3 Stock Read Instructions.