My genius client software and download

This article explains how to install the my genius software and download the stock file for processing.

  • Connect the My Genius device to a USB input using the supplied cable
  • Plug MYGENIUS/USB key into another USB input:
  • Double click to run “MyGeniusClient_Setup.exe”
  • Install software; Read and “Accept” software license

  • After the Software is installed double-click the icon on your desktop to run “MyGenius Client” program
  • Install updates if prompted to do so
  • Once updates are complete and you're at the main menu. Select “Download from My Genius” to download the original file from your vehicle
  • Follow prompts to save “MYGFile.fpf” to your computer
  • Email “MYGFile.fpf” to 
  • Once you receive for modified files back click "Here" for our guide on uploading modified files to my genius.